The Saree Kurung Is Elegance Times Two/A Must Have For Your Wardrobe

The Saree Kurung. It’s an evolution of style. The pinnacle of elegance. It’s… what you really gotta have in your wardrobe. ;)

If you already know what the Saree Kurung is all about, you’re great!

If you don’t know what it’s all about? Read on. It’s time to get inspired, fashionista!

The Saree Kurung started from an international Malaysian based fashion house founded by a husband and wife duo in 2014. They’re well-known for their breakthrough design in fusing the elegance and beauty of two kinds of traditional attires, the Baju Kurung and the Indian Saree, into one whole attire full of the best of both worlds.

Now, the Saree Kurung has smoothly infiltrated the fashion market and is bringing traditional style into modern living.

If you don’t have a Saree Kurung yet, NOW is the time to get one!

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